Detox Spa Retreat improves health energy vitality.

By the end of the week do you feel tired, sluggish and congested? Do you often overindulge or rely on coffee, processed or junk food to keep you going? Or do you suffer from bloating, poor digestion, gas or constipation?

If you answered yes, to these questions, then a detox spa retreat is designed just for you! A health spa detox treatment provides a great way to reverse the damage we inflict on our bodies. While it provides a path towards improved overall wellness, a detox treatment will assist in regaining emotional health, energy and vitality.

At a typical detox spa retreat, the holistic body cleanse is initially achieved by selecting food from a delicious and nutritious daily spa menu; along with wonderful herbal and specialty loose-leaf teas. Daily treatments including, aromatherapy steam rooms, exercise, yoga therapy along with advanced spa treatments, are designed to clean all systems involved in eliminating toxins including the colon, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and of course, the skin.

Detox Spa Retreat improves health energy vitality

Choosing a 1 or 2 week spa detox and wellness program will help you to succeed, refocus on your goals and inspire you towards a lifestyle full of vitality. These programs also involve the emotional wellbeing through charka energy balancing, meditation, breath work and lifestyle consulting. Often set in spectacular locations, Canadian Heath Spas and Retreats lead the way in holistic wellness and detox programs.

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