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Detox Spa Programs Detox Cleaning Programme - health, energy and vitality!

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Important note:

Spa-goers are reminded to always make sure that spa service providers and spa establishments are safe and professional.  Be sure to ask questions and provide all information to the spa

regarding any health conditions that may impact your spa experience.

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Spa Detox Cleanse Programme – health, energy and vitality!

If you feel tired, sluggish and congested, overindulge or rely on coffee, processed or junk food to keep you going.  Or you suffer from bloating, poor digestion, gas or constipation. spa detox program - health spa directories Canada

The health spa detox program, offered at Grail Springs Spa,

is a great way to reverse the damage we do to our bodies as we live our everyday life and will assist in regaining greater health, energy and vitality. It can be an important step towards improved health.

The total body cleanse is achieved by selecting organic products that harmonize the body's sense of balance.  The spa detox program eliminates ingested toxins that have built up in the body.  Hormone changes are neutralized, metabolism is stimulated and general body circulation is improved.  Spa treatments are designed to clean all systems involved in eliminating toxins including the colon, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and of course, the skin.

The holistic detox programs at Canadian Wellness Spas offer complete inner and outer cleansing.  These programs include accommodation in a luxurious guest suite, organic meals, lifestyle and nutritional sessions, meditation, detoxifying mineral wraps, Moor mud wraps, chakra balancing, Tibetan healing oil massage along with yoga classes and cooking classes with Executive Chefs, this is the spa program that will recharge your whole body.

Try this detox recipe from Grail Springs Wellness canada spa guide  Cinnamon Cider with a twist

Fresh Start Wellness Retreat Centres British Columbia Canada. Fresh Start offers 5, 10, and 14-day all-inclusive programs health restoration retreats at the eco-luxurious Ocean Resort, Vancouver Island’s Spiritual and Wellness Retreat Centre, located near Campbell River Detox Spa Retreats are the perfect solution for internal digestive cleansing.  A 1- 2 week spa detox program will help you to succeed and refocus on your goals while inspiring you towards a lifestyle full of vitality.

Canadian Health Spas and Retreats

lead the way in wellness and detox programs. 

Call and book your Detox and Wellness Spa Retreat today!


:: Your Spa or Salon Name here
Spa Salon Canada Relax, unwind, and centre. Supreme personal indulgence is the phrase that best describes the experience of receiving any one of the diverse treatments offered here.
:: Ste. Anne's Spa Ontario Canada

Ste. Anne's Spa Ontario Canada At Ste. Anne's, we bring pure relaxation to our guests' busy lifestyle. Whenever you need that pampered feeling, Ste. Anne's will envelope you with a warm spa welcome.  

spa guide Ste. Anne's Spa

:: Fresh Start Retreats and Spa BC
Fresh Start Retreats and Spa BC Canada

Enhance your restorative detox and weight loss experience while improving your well-being with healing spa therapies, provided by experienced professionals and our on-board Naturopathic Doctor.

spa guide Fresh Start Health Retreats

:: The Hills Health Ranch BC

The Hills Health Ranch BC Canada is home of the Canadian wellness center, has the largest number of health professionals of any resort in Canada. We enjoy having an MD, 5 nurses, kinesiologist, nutritionist, behavioral councilor, as well as a number of personal trainers and fitness instructors. The Hills Wellness Centre at the ranch is an complete lifestyle learning centre designed to improve weight loss, wellness, health and happiness.

spa guide The Hills Health Ranch

:: Grail Springs Wellness Center ON

Grail Springs Wellness Retreat Grail Springs Wellness Centre: come cleanse and revitalize at Canada's leading wellness retreat.  Our focus is on body cleaning, yoga relaxation, healthy cellular function and bio-energy.

spa guide Grail Springs Wellness Center


Top Spa Canada Guide to the best spa detox experience in the world

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