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Reiki Reiki in Canada

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Reiki - Health Spa Directories CanadaThe Healing Power of Reiki

invokes a state of deep relaxation & rejuvenation
heals the root cause of disease and illness
promotes harmony of body, mind and spirit

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of natural hands-on healing. When receiving a professional treatment, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table where the practitioner gently places his/her hands on certain energy centers of the body as he/she channels healing energy. People may feel heat, tingling or cooling energy where the hands are placed.

A Reiki session is very calming and nurturing and people often find themselves falling into a deep sleep or meditative state. Reiki has helped in the healing of many illnesses, including migraine headaches, arthritis, heart disease, depression, sleep disorders and chronic pain. A holistic treatment, Reiki helps the recipient heal right at the root cause, which then heals the outward symptoms. It is extremely relaxing and excellent for stress reduction, and the common finding among clients is that it simply makes them feel great.

But Reiki is not just for the professional setting (practitioner & client). It is an art that can learned by anyone and can be utilized to enhance one’s life in every way. You can use it on yourself to calm your own energy, or use it on friends and family to heal anything from headaches & injuries to deep-rooted emotional problems. 

:: Au Natural Spa at Brookstreet ON

Au Natural Spa at Brookstreet Ottawa Ontario Canada. Experience the ultimate in wellness at one of the most unique full-service spas in Ottawa. We invite you to unwind and revitalize through a variety of spa therapies.

:: Grail Springs, Bancroft Ontario

Grail Springs Wellness Spa beautiful chateau hidden in the Ancient Granite Highlands of Ontario. Discover new ways to find balance in body, mind and spirit at Grail Springs, Canada's Premiere Health & Wellness Spa.

Grail Springs Wellness Spa Grail Springs Spa

:: Fresh Start Health Retreat BC
Fresh Start Wellness Retreat Centres British Columbia Canada.  Fresh Start offers 5, 10, and 14-day all-inclusive programs health restoration retreats at

Enhance your healing experience with a wide range of healing therapies provided by professionals that are here to help you improve your well being during your detox, health or weight loss program.

spa guide Fresh Start Health Retreat

:: Ste. Anne's Spa, Grafton Ontario

Ste. Anne's Spa Ontario Canada At Ste. Anne's, we bring relaxation to our guests' busy lifestyle. We will relieve your stresses and rejuvenate your soul. Whenever you need that pampered feeling,

spa guide Ste. Anne's Spa


Let the Canadian Spa Directory be your guide to healing power of Reiki

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