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The Hills Health Ranch BC Canada, the ranch is an complete lifestyle learning centre designed to improve weight loss, long term wellness, health and happiness.

The Hills Wellness Centre at the ranch is an complete lifestyle learning centre designed to improve weight loss, long term wellness, health and happiness.

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Weight loss can make a significant and lasting change in your life

Weight loss can provide a life altering change in how we live our everyday life. Some of the best weight loss health programs are offered at leading Canadian Health Spas. The Hills Health Ranch is an award winning destination fitness-spa vacation resort, specializing in, weight loss, fitness, hiking, and world class gourmet spa cuisine. Situated in the middle of 20000 acre of ranch lands, the spa features extensive daily fitness programs, 18 wellness, massage & spa treatment rooms, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, biking & wellness services ranging from yoga, pilates, aerobics, aqua fitness instructors, nurses, trainers, nutritionist, body therapists, and comprehensive lifestyle counselling.

After weight loss many people experience better sleep patterns, increased energy levels, improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There is renewed vitality and self-confidence after weight loss the improves life in general and health in particular that cannot be overlooked. However, statistics show that 90% of people who undergo a weight loss program regain the weight within two years. Why? One reason is that most diets are unrealistic and cannot be maintained in the long term. Weight Loss Spa Programs focus on advanced whole-body detoxification, weight loss, and rejuvenation, combined with daily health lectures, exercise, and emotional wellness workshops.They almost always lead to failure because they do not take into account real life – stress, eating out, a hectic job, cooking for the whole family or the many other temptations that are all around us every day. We constantly feel like we are fighting a losing battle to loose weight and stay slender!

The second major reason that most diets don’t work is that they don’t really address the emotional and spiritual elements. Food that is meant to nourish and strengthen the body becomes something we fear and leaves us feeling deprived. Or it can become a poor coping mechanism for stress, tiredness, anxiety, sadness, boredom or other feelings.

To stay motivated, working with a fitness and nutrition professional who understands that weight loss is a journey towards health and wellness will help. They can design a balanced program that offers a combination of diet and exercise to suit your requirements and help you to succeed in your goals.  So stay focused and most of all look for improvement long term not overnight as you journey to a more healthy and slender youFresh Start offers 5, 10, and 14-day all-inclusive programs health restoration retreats at the eco-luxurious Ocean Resort, Vancouver Island’s Spiritual and Wellness Retreat guide Fresh Start Retreat Find the best weight loss retreats here in Canada.


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Spa Salon Canada Relax, unwind, and centre. Supreme personal indulgence is the phrase that best describes the experience of receiving any one of the diverse treatments offered here.
:: Grail Springs Retreat Spa ON

Grail Springs Wellness Retreat Grail Springs Wellness Centre: come cleanse and revitalize at Canada's leading wellness retreat.  Our focus is on body cleaning, yoga relaxation, healthy cellular function and bio-energy. 

spa guide Grail Springs Retreat

:: Fresh Start Health Retreats Spa BC

Fresh Start Health Restorative Health Retreat and Spa BC CanadaHealing Spa Therapies, provided by experienced professionals and our on-board Naturopathic Doctor.  Enhance your restorative detox and weight-loss experience while improving your well-being. It's time to make a Fresh Start

Fresh Start Health Retreat


:: The Hills Health Ranch BC

The Hills Health Ranch BC Canada your health spa retreat and wellness destination.The Hills Wellness Centre at the ranch is an complete lifestyle learning centre designed to improve weight loss, long term wellness, health and happiness.

spa guide The Hills Health Ranch


Top Canadian Health Spas Guide you to Healthy Weight Loss

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