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Canadian Spa Destination

Island Currents Spa Sonora Resort Claim

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Spoil Yourself in an Unspoiled Environment

As the ocean currents move around this secluded island—cleansing, renewing and purifying the waters—the treatments and specialty therapies at Island Currents Spa will likewise revitalize you.

Around the majestic and pristine setting of Sonora Island, the visible effects of the ocean currents are perpetually evident. Island Currents Spa has created a complimentary Water Journey, which starts with purification of the body and concludes with relaxation of the mind. Sonora Island’s natural wilderness setting surrounds this therapeutic journey where the soothing sounds of island currents have a cathartic effect on the mind, body and spirit.


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  • Address Sonora Island, British Columbia, Canada. See Sonora's location on Google Maps.

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