Detox Spa Retreat improves health energy vitality.

Are you feeling tired and congested?

Do you rely on coffee, or junk food to keep you going?

Do you suffer from bloating or poor digestion?

Today’s savvy spa consumer knows a spa detox is designed to pave a path to better health and wellness. Innovative spa treatments provide a great way to reverse the damage we inflict on our bodies. A typical detox spa retreat includes a holistic whole body cleanse achieved by selecting food from a delicious and nutritious daily spa menu; along with wonderful herbal loose-leaf teas. Daily treatments including, aromatherapy steam rooms, exercise, yoga therapy are designed to eliminate toxins from the colon, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and of course, the skin.

Detox Spa Retreat improves health energy vitality

A spa retreat is a comfortable environment in which to reset and get you on the path to improved health and wellness. Choose a week long spa detox retreat  to refocus on your health goals. The program can include emotional wellbeing through charka energy balancing, meditation, breath work and lifestyle consulting. Canadian Heath Spas and Retreats lead the way in holistic wellness and detox programs.

Find more information on the 5, 10, and 14-day all-inclusive programs health restoration retreats at the Eco-luxurious Ocean Resort, Vancouver Island’s Spiritual and Wellness Retreat Centre. Fresh Start Retreat

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We’d like to remind spa goers to make sure that spa service providers and spa establishments are safe and professional. Be diligent, do your research and read reviews. Always ask questions and be sure to provide all health related information to the spa that may impact your spa experience.