Yoga practice is believed to be over three thousand years old. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yui. While different types of yoga are practiced throughout the world, the three most common methods in the West are: asanas, pranayama and mediation.  Together these are often referred to as hatha yoga. The ultimate goal of hatha yoga is to harmonize the mind and body. The different yoga postures increase the body’s store of prana, or vital energy.

Yoga Practice for body, mind and spirit.

In modern medicine, the charkas correspond to particular glands of the endocrine system; including the adrenal, pineal, pituitary and thyroid. The teachings of the ancient yogis in India refer to the energy centers of the body, called charkas, which are located in ascending order from the lowest part of the pelvis, through the lower belly, waist, heart area, throat, brain and the “third eye” located in the centre of the forehead. Each energy centre has a color, a sound, an animal and a lotus flower with a certain number of petals assigned to it. Beautiful ancient paintings often show the charkas and their locations in the body.

Studies are beginning to show that certain postures actually stimulate the related glands, increasing circulation in those areas. Of course, the yogis knew all of this thousands of years ago.

A Yoga Practice at a spa retreat offers a true journey towards inner-self knowledge and well-being.

Transend stress and experience tranquility with yoga. Relax the mind, Purify the body, Nourish the soul  Reconnect with nature, practice gentle yoga, meditation and replenish the body with organic vegetarian meals. Relax and unwind while learning how to aid the digestive system through specific postures and gain insight on how to care for specialty diets.

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