A Yoga Retreat the ideal way to restore balance to body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is a wonderful workout for your body, mind and spirit. A simple and pure form of exercise that benefits the whole body. All you need is a mat and loose clothes. The practice can have a significant effect on everyday life. In particular, through the movements, the cardiovascular system, the strengthening and stretching of the muscle groups, deep breathing and flowing mediation are major beneficial elements of the age-old practise of yoga.

A Yoga Retreat to Replenish your Well Being.

At a destination spa retreat such as Grail Springs in Bancroft ON, working with a well-trained yoga instructor that understands all of these aspects and benefits of yoga is truly a journey towards wellness. The spa can offer so many opportunities to practice yoga in inspiring indoor and outdoor settings and when combined with other therapeutic advanced spa treatments the whole experience is enhanced. Try a yoga spa mini-vacation at a yoga health spa. Spas and retreats lead the way in all basic and advanced yoga programs, yoga practice and supervised detox programs.

Relax the mind, purify the body, nourish the soul and reconnect with nature. Practice gentle yoga, meditation and replenish the body with healthy organic meals. Let your body unwind while learning how to aid the digestive system through specific postures. Supreme personal indulgence is the phrase that best describes the experience of receiving any one of the diverse treatments offered at many of the award-winning health and retreats Spas in Canada.