Spa has been part of therapeutic healing and health maintenance throughout the ages. Spa treatments originated from customs such as “taking the waters” in spectacular European health spas. New innovative treatments and newer versions of ancient therapeutic treatments comprise the modern-day spa.

Canadian spas are wide-ranging from world class, getaway destinations spas to superior day spas in vibrant city locations. All provide rejuvenating, relaxing and luxurious spa treatments.

A guide is often useful to provide the spa seeker with assistance to help them to select the authentic spa treatment that suits their requirements. The following details will help you to select and maximize your spa experience!

1. Day Spas

Day spas provide a full service menu offering relaxing and pampering treatments to the spa-goer. Treatments can last for one hour, half a day or even a whole day. The day spa menu usually includes the classic European facial, therapeutic body massage, body wraps plus hand and foot treatments. In some instances hair treatments are available at the spa/salon. Day spas can be located in stand alone locations, hotels, shopping centers, and even airports. Accommodations are not usually included at these locations; just great pampering spa services.

2. The Mobile Spa

The Mobile Spa is the ideal way to provide deluxe spa services in the comfort of your own home or office. It is becoming a favorite and convenient way to experience the benefits of spa. What a great way to treat yourself and your friends to deluxe spa treatments at home – the spa comes to you. In today’s busy world the mobile spa offers a time and place to suit your schedule.

3. Destination Spas

A destination spa is completely focused on all-inclusive health and wellness treatments. A full immersion spa program with a stay of a few days, a week or longer, where you find services that enable you to concentrate on lifestyle improvement, health rejuvenation and self renewal. These programs are designed to offer total fitness and health spa treatments, spa healthy cuisine and lifestyle education. Most destination spas provide many out-door activities such as golf, tennis, water sports, skiing, and even horseback riding.

4. Eco Spas

These spas are dedicated to providing a ‘green or ‘environmentally conscious’ spa experience. This may include the eco products used for client services, building materials, cleaning and maintenance products etc. These spas may also support eco friendly water, hydro/lighting and other environmental projects.

5. Mineral Health Spas

Natural minerals have been treasured for their medicinal properties since at least Roman times. Natural mineral waters are drawn from deep below the earth’s surface. “Taking the waters” helps speed up metabolism, accelerates healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body. At most locations the “waters” can be accessed on a daily visit or more often if necessary. Mineral spas are often located within a resort and/or hotel location.

6. Medical Spas

Medical Spas provide comprehensive preventive and wellness care in an environment that integrates spa services or concepts. Treatments for weight loss, anti-aging skin care therapies and laser hair removal are among the innovative services offered at the medical spa. Medical spas may or may not have overnight accommodations.

7. Spa Resorts

Spa Resorts are designed to provide the utmost in luxury and relaxation in beautiful locations. This pampering spa holiday provides an escape from everyday life. A menu of rejuvenating treatments, including therapeutic massages, body scrubs, hydrotherapy treatments and thermal circuits, you will return home with a healthy glow, completely energized and with a new lease on life.

8. Urban Hotel Spas

Urban hotel spas offer a wide range of spa services in city hotels throughout the world. The spa menus are equally varied, from relaxing body massage to dozens of spa treatments in a dedicated spa facility within the hotel.

9. Spa Lifestyle Communities

Relatively new on the horizon are Spa Lifestyle Communities, residential communities with condos, homes opportunities. Residences are organized and centered around or containing a spa with its related facilities and activities. These communities are a wonderful way to enjoy the convenience of the spa lifestyle right on your doorstep.