When you need a time out, a visit to the spa provides an welcome interlude in your busy life.

While there are classic spa treatments to soothe you, many are designed to revive and rejuvenate. New and innovative spa treatments apply unique products and tranquil settings to ease body, mind and soul.

The Spa Team has compiled a list of some of the most popular spa treatments offered in Canadian spas & salons. Browse through the list for more detailed information on each treatment, from aromatherapy to yoga. Visit our Spa & Salon directory to find the best day spas; destination and resort spas, health and wellness spa retreats among many others. Our spa services information is just the ticket as you make your getaway to the best Spas in Canada.

Important Note: Spa-goers are reminded to always make sure that spa service providers and spa establishments are safe and professional.  Be sure to ask questions and provide all information to the spa regarding any health conditions that may impact your spa experience.