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Top Canadian Spas are your guide to the best sauna

Spas in Canada - Experience the many benefits of Infrared SaunaThe sauna has at least a thousand years of history and similar systems can be found in many other cultures: the Russian banya, the Native American sweat lodge or Inipi, the Turkish hamam, even the Japanese onsen.

In modern Finland there are reported to be 2 million saunas in use. The Finnish sauna exposes the body to high temperatures for a short time followed by a good cool down in a cold shower or body of water.

The time spent in the sauna depends on each individual comfort level.  Regular users advise to go in the sauna as often as is comfortable. 

In Europe and North America, the amazing health benefits of infrared sauna therapy are well documented as an effective and beneficial treatment.  Used widely today by spa-goers and available in hotels and private homes, sauna is now accepted and appreciated for its health benefits.


It is recommended that any health issues such as heart disease, blood pressure, asthma and skin problems be discussed with a medical professional prior to using any sauna treatments. A sauna is generally more beneficial before a spa service because the heat relaxes the body and opens pores so skin can better absorb products applied during spa treatments.

The infrared energy is the new standard of effective heat therapy that works on the body directly from within.  The American Medical Association has reported that in a single sauna session, you may burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes. An excellent way to lose weight - not just water.  


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Spa Salon Canada Relax, unwind, and centre. Supreme personal indulgence is the phrase that best describes the experience of receiving any one of the diverse treatments offered here.
:: Au Naturel Spa at Brookstreet
au naturel spa ottawa canada

Experience the ultimate in wellness at one of the most unique full-service spas in Ottawa. We invite you to revitalize in one of our 12 private treatment rooms.

spa guide Au Naturel Spa

:: Grail Springs, Bancroft Ontario

Grail Springs Wellness Spa A beautiful chateau hidden in the Ancient Granite Highlands of Ontario. Discover new ways to find balance in body, mind and spirit at Grail Springs, Canada's Premiere Health & Wellness Spa.

Grail Springs Wellness Spa Grail Springs


Top Canadian Spas are your guide to the best sauna

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